HAM Logging on the iPad with HAM QuickLog

Mircules HAM QuickLog Icon

After a lot of software development and testing I finally put my new app in the Apple app store!

The app is called Mircules HAM QuickLog (or just QuickLog) and is an app for the iPad. It’s a logging app for Radio Amateurs and has a lot of very useful features.

Now of course every producer of software will say that their software is very useful, but I’m not only a producer but also a user and customer of my own software!

I’m using QuickLog a lot so I have been able to test it and to see which features I absolutely wanted to go in there.

Dogfooding your own software is, I think, the best possible way possible of testing for bugs and usability. It got me a product that I’m very happy with as a producer and a consumer! :-)

You can find the app here HAM QuickLog website and also in the app store:

Here is a little click through video I made of QuickLog. Watch full screen for best readability!

This article was first published on www.pa1ca.nl and is published here with permission of the author.

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